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I have seen Obey Me fans ask what does Mammon likes in Obey Me and what to gift him in Surprise Guest. I wrote this article to help you out. I will describe the items Mammon likes as gifts in Surprise Guest. I will also tell you where to get them in the game. Getting big hearts from Mammon increases your level of intimacy with him, and he will call you! 😉

Overview – What does Mammon like in obey me

  • Manga
  • Game
  • Hell Sauce flavoured Ramen
  • Whip of Love

What does Mammon like in Obey Me and how to obtain them

Each item stated here gives big hearts, and in return Mammon gives us a better present! The gifts should be given in the following manner.

1 –

Mammon: Muahahaha. ALL points for MAMMON! Bow down to me!

Gift him: Hell Sauce Ramen

2 –

Mammon Says: Did ya see that?! I’m totally awesome, right!

Gift him: Hell Sauce Ramen or Whip of Love, or Manga or Game. Any one of the four items.

3 –

Mammon says: Aaaaah, I’m so tired of this. Why do I have to help you out

Gift him: Hell Sauce Ramen or Manga or Game

Where to find Mammon’s favourite items In Obey Me

Most of the items can be purchased through Akuzon and obtained by upgrading the Devil Tree of certain cards. This section shows which cards hold the items as a reward. Many of them are Mammon cards.

1. Hell Sauce flavoured Ramen

Hell Sauce Ramen

Hell Sauce Ramen can be purchased from Akuzon and received as Devil tree rewards from the cards shown below:

Memory Cards

  • The Loyal Butler I / Barbatos

R cards

  • The Mighty First-Born / Lucifer
  • The Scummy Second-Born / Mammon
  • Punishment Party / Mammon

SR cards Mammon cards

  • Steal the King’s Treasure
  • The School for Demons
  • The Beginner’s Guide
  • The Otaku Life Ain’t Bad!
  • Drinks Coming Right Up!

SSR cards Mammon cards

  • Water Panic?!
  • Let’s Settle This!
  • Mammon the Butler
  • One Too Many Insults

UR+ and UR cards Mammon cards

  • You Always Ride Shotgun
  • Race for the Golden Egg!
  • Lemon Parfait Lovers
  • Pandas Mean Profit!

2. Manga


The Manga can also be bought from Akuzon or earned as rewards from Devil trees. The Devil trees of cards mentioned below has Manga as a reward.

Character cards

  • The Garden of Silence / Belphegor
  • Don’t Pat Me! Squeal! / Luke

Memory Cards

  • Let Your Hair Down / Satan, Asmo, beel
  • Unspoken Feelings – Belphi and beel
  • Chibi Satan II
  • Chibi Satan I
  • Little D. of Pride
  • Little D. of Gluttony
  • The Affectionate Angel  – Simeon

3. Game


The Game console (that suspiciously looks like Nintendo) can be found at Akuzon and in Devil tree rewards of the following cards. Mostly they are just Levi cards 😏

Character Cards

  • The Life of the Party! / Levi
  • Living the Dream / Leviathan
  • Time to Conquer! / Leviathan
  • I Want Honey Growl / Beelzebub

Memory Cards

  • Enchanting Pajama Party / Mammon, Asmo and Satan
  • Bunny Boy Transformation! / Barbatos, Lucifer and Simeon
  • And…Action! / Chibi Diavolo
  • Chibi Lucy I
  • Little D. of Sloth
  • The Loyal Butler II – Barb

4. Whip Of Love

Whip of love

Like all other items on this list, Whip of Love is in Devil tree rewards and Akuzon. The cards which contain whip of Love are.

Character Cards

  • Skiing for Two / Levi
  • The Life of the Party! / Levi
  • Searching for Jack / Beel
  • Together Forever / Beel
  • Satan’s Birthday 2021 / Satan
  • My Appreciation / Satan
  • Listen To Me / Simeon

Memory Cards

  • Dreamy Twins / Beel and Belphi
  • How to Rejuvenate Mammon / Mammon and Luci
  • Mysterious Invitation / Diavolo
  • Love Infusion / Barb
  • Who’s Next? / Simeon
  • Blood’s Blessing / Simeon

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Take Away

So, this article showed you the answer to what does Mammon like in Obey Me. Now that you know what to gift Mammon he’ll appreciate you and give better gifts! And probably call you when your intimacy level is higher with him.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you want me to write anything else related to obey me, please say so in the comments!

P.s: bookmark this page so that you can  view it whenever you want.

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