Do you want to know where to buy original Nendoroids? Do you want to learn what they are and what they cost? Or maybe you want to know how to spot a bootleg Nendoroid! You can find all the answers in this informative article.

Best shops to biy original nendoroid

Nendoroid dolls are a type of Japanese figure which are used to display anime characters in a chibi-style.

Nendoroid dolls are made by the company Good Smile Company and they have been around since 2006. They were originally created as a way to display anime characters in a chibi-style. They are high quality figures with movable joints and detailed sculpting.

The word nendoroid is derived from the word nendoron, which means “doll” in Japanese.

Why are Nendoroid so expensive

Why are nendoroids so expensive

Nendoroid figurines are expensive because of the high quality and attention to detail. They are more expensive than other anime toys such as funko pops or acrylic figures. Even Sega’s full body SPM figures are cheaper than nendoroid.

Nendoroids cost between $30 and $100, depending on the size and the character, some characters are more valuable than others. They may also come with extra accessories which you can purchase separately. Special edition limited nendoroids cost even more because they are truly one of a kind.

The nendoroid figurines are made with a high level of detail. This means that the facial expressions, clothes and posture of the figurine are very accurate and it is more detailed than other toys. Many people collect these toys because they can show what their favorite character is feeling in a way that words cannot do.

What scale are nendoroid dolls

Nendoroid dolls are a type of Japanese doll. They are about 10 cm in height and 5cm in width. That is their average height. However, a male nendroid is a few millimetres higher than female nendoroid. Goodsmile has a detailed blog post related to size and width of boy and girl nendoroids.

How to spot a bootleg Nendoroid

How to find out a bootleg Nendoroid

Nendoroids are popular figures that are a part of the world of anime and manga. They are often used as toys and collectibles. If you have a Nendoroid in your possession, you may be wondering how to spot a bootleg Nendoroid.

There are many ways to tell if your Nendoroid is authentic or not. Here are few keypoints:

One way is to look at the box it came in. If it has Japanese writing, then it is likely authentic.

Another way is to look at the paint job on the figure itself. If there are any smudges or streaks, then it is likely not an authentic figure and could be a bootleg copy of the original product.

● Check the stickers. The boxes have stickers on them. Authentic nendoroid has a sticker of the anime’s licensing company.

● The overall quality of the bootleg Nendoroid will be lower than the original one. The joints could be broken or badly shaped. Bad packaging or the graphics could be high in contrast.

● The box or inner packaging could be flimsy and poorly made.

● The color of the nendoroid itself could be discoloured when compared to the original one.

● fake nendoroid stands has only “made in china” embedded in it while the original one will have the name of the company as well. This is the biggest give away.

The 5 best places to buy original nendoroids in 2022

I suggest you never buy nendoroid from places like Ebay or Etsy because they are notorious for selling fake nendoroids. To save you time and money I have compiled a list of 5 best places to buy a original nendoroids. The online shops in this list only sells original branded nendoroid. Take a look a for yourself!

1. Discovery Japan

Where to buy nendoroid discovery japan

Discovery Japan Mall is an online mall that handles products made in Japan.

They have limited items and handmade Japanese crafts. It also sells products that cannot be found internationally. With Discovery Japan shipping worldwide, you can order from anywhere in the world.

Discovery japan has a good collection of nendoroid, most of them are from the popular Goodsmile brand. But they also offer nendoroid from other brands, so you might want to browse the website before deciding which nendoroid to buy.

2. Things From Another World – TFAW

Things from another world nendoroid

Things From Another World is a popular original merchandise website located in USA. And since it is from United States, they have a very limited collection of nendoroids. But Things From Another World (TFAW) is a solid and trusted store, which means you will definitely get exactly what you ordered. Things From Another World online store is not the perfect place for Anime items, but its worth checking out.

3. Goodsmile

Goodsmile nendoroid

Goodsmile is a Japanese company that specializes in the production of figures, Nendoroid and other collectables.

Good Smile Company has been producing figures for over 12 years and has grown to be one of the largest companies in Japan.

The company produces a variety of goods including figma, Nendoroid, scale figures and their newest line of products called “Miyazawa Model”. They also produce toys based on popular games like Pokémon or anime series like Attack on Titan or Naruto.

In 2015 they opened their first overseas branch in Hong Kong to produce goods for the Asian market. They have since expanded internationally.

4. Side Show

Side show nendoroid collection

Side Show collectibles company is a company that specializes in the manufacture of collectible figures. These collectibles are usually made from vinyl, plastic or PVC – including nendoroids.

Side Show has been a pioneer in using new technology to create their products. They were the first to use 3D printing for their products and they have been using it for years now. They also make use of other new technologies like AR/VR and facial scanning to create unique products.

The company has been able to make a name for themselves because they are not afraid of trying out new things and taking risks with their work.

5. Play Asia

Play asia nendoroid is a leading retailer of Asian video games and other digital items, providing the best in customer service and competitive pricing. They are also the official North America distributor for Nendoroid collectibles. The company was founded in 2002 by a group of passionate gamers who wanted to share their love of Asia’s products with the world.

Play-Asia is committed to providing an unparalleled shopping experience – competitive prices, quick delivery, and excellent customer service. They offer a variety of payment methods, including credit card, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay and more.

Play Asia only provides original nendoroids they also offer preorders on upcoming and new to be released nendoroids. Play-Asia is the best place to find all kinds of original nendoroids based on almost any anime show.

Conclusion and recommendation

Out of the five original nendoroid shops mentioned above, I would recommend Goodsmile and Play Asia for anime fans. Both these shops deliver absolutely original anime products and I had a great experience shopping with them. You can trust Goodsmile and Play Asia to deliver original anime goods from Japan and never worry about receiving counterfeit items.


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