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National Anime Day is a festival that every otaku MUST know about. On this day, we celebrate our love for all things anime. Anime fans celebrate this day by binge watching anime series with family and friends, cosplaying as there favourite character and even cooking foods from animes!
Before we can start talking about National Anime Day, I will talk about what exactly is anime, when and where it orginated from. Then I will tell you about the Anime Day and everything about it.

What is Anime?

Confused anime character
Anime is an animation medium with a distinguished history in Japan. It consists of two categories, TV anime and OVA.
Anime is a Japanese animation style, often characterized by vibrant colors, creativity, and fluid animation. Anime has been popular for decades in Japan. The word anime derives from the English word “animation”.

Where, when and how Anime originated

National Anime Day

Anime is a popular medium of storytelling that has its roots in the twentieth century. It was developed in Japan and it is used to portray stories through visual animations.

The origins of anime are complex and intertwined with the history of Japanese culture, but there are a few key moments in anime’s development that led to the art form we know today.

The first is when Japan was modernized in the 1880s and introduced to new popular cultures such as western styles in clothing, music and architecture. This brought an influx of foreign influences which were then adapted and incorporated into Japanese culture.

The second watershed moment in anime’s development, which took place in the 1960s, was Japan’s defeat during World War II. This defeat made it clear that Japan needed to make changes to its national identity if it wanted to prosper economically; these changes included a better public broadcasting system (television) and more animated movies for children.

Anime started out as comics, but with the development of new technologies, it moved away from being just drawings on paper. This medium is now developed with computer graphics and voice actors.

Who made the first anime and when

Namakura Gatana first anime ever made

The first anime was made in 1917, which is a long way from the computer-generated animations of today. The oldest anime is a 2-minute film of a samurai trying to cut down a cherry tree. It was produced by Jun’ichi Kōuchi and called Namakura Gatana.

How and when anime became popular

1963 Astro boy first popular anime

1963 Astro Boy anime

The popularity of anime has changed over the years. The first anime series, Astro Boy, was introduced to America in 1963. While it was not well-known to the mainstream public, it was highly popular among college students. The first anime to reach mainstream popularity was Speed Racer, which aired on Saturday mornings in 1968. The next major wave of anime popularity happened in the late 1990s with Pokémon. After that, the popularity of anime exploded with the introduction of Dragon Ball Z and the “Big 3” animes in the industry – One Piece, Bleach and Naruto.

When is Anime day

National anime day celebration
Anime celebration
With the popularity of anime came the need to distinguish and establish a special day to celebrate it. Thus, National Anime Day was born. The day was first celebrated in 1975, at a convention in Tokyo attended by 700 people.

National Anime Day is a holiday that has been created to celebrate Japanese culture and anime. It is a day where people across the world spend time watching anime, communicating with other fans, and having fun with their loved ones, celebrating their common interests. It is celebrated on 15th of April each year.

These days anime fans are well aware of the Anime Expo events but not the National Anime Day.

Since you have read this article, NOW you know that there is a Anime Day to celebrate as well. In 2022 Anime Day falls on Friday, April 15. Share this post with your and educate about this wonderful day.

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