This page will guide you through the process of setting up your professional artist portfolio and profile on Anime Highway.

How to register on Anime Highway

To register as an artist or a commissioner, click the Register Now button located in the footer, or click the three horizontal lines at the top right to open the side bar menu.

How to Anime Highway register now

There is the dashboard button, that button will take you to the registration or log in form if you’re not logged in. If you are logged in then it will redirect to your dashboard profile area.

Don’t have an account yet? Register now.

On the registration page fill the form and you will be given instant access to your dashboard. You will also receive a welcome email which you must read. This email will have instructions about how to use Anime Highway.

Setting up your profile or portfolio

Profile on Anime Highway

The first thing you should do is setup your artist or commissioner profile. On our platform we give different rewards and prize badges to both artists and commissioners. So it is important that you setup your profile accordingly. If you are both, artist and a commissioner then state that in your profile.

Now view your dashboard and take note of all the available options. From your “Buyer dashboard” you can see your Active projects, Proposals, Ongoing projects and complete projects. You can also see analytics – see how many views your profile and your projects has received.

After switching to seller mode – by pressing the “Switch To Selling” button at the top right, you can see your Seller dashboard. This dashboard shows Active services, Ongoing Services and Complete services. “Services” stands for your Open commissions.

Remember that You can only switch to selling mode in a desktop browser, it is currently not possible to switch in mobile view. You can either use a laptop and computer to switch, or you can open the desktop site from your smartphone.

Artist’s dashboards and commissioners dashboards are slightly different. See the differences here. The best thing about Anime Highway is that you can completely different Commissioner profile and Artist profile. You can maintain both profiles if you are both an and a commissioner, or you can maintain a single profile as needed.

Setting up your Artist Profile

After creating your new account “switch to selling” in desktop view. Then click Profile and scroll down. You can also change your password reset if you want.

Username: This is your backend login Username

Profile name: Is your display name, it appears on your public profile

Hourly rate: Is how much value you give to yourself as an artist to work per hour. Setting this is optional, not recommended for new budding artists.

Gender: Choosing Gender is optional, not important at all.

Seller type: It’s important to choose what type of artist or Seller you are. Are you an individual artist or a group of artists working under one account? Mention that here.

English level: Tell how good you are at taking in English.

Languages: In Languages pick the language you can speak.

Locations: Select your country.

Next fill in your description. Write a small biography, your story, what characters you draw, how many commissioned artworks you made ect,ect.

After that you can set your profile picture and cover. The Address section let’s you write your address – this not required, so please don’t share your real addresses. You can do if you wish but it’s not important.

Choose your skills in the skills section. And below that connect your social media profiles. It is very important to connect your social media profiles to get more exposure and commissions.

Lastly Click Update profile and congratulations! Your artist profile is complete! Learn how to open a commission and withdraw earnings.

Setting up your Commissioner profile

Right after signup you will be redirected to your commissioner or buyer profile. Browse the dashboard and you will notice that everything is pretty self explanatory and similar to Artist profile setup.

Just connect your social profiles (where you will be sharing your commissioned artwork), write Username, profile name, profile pic and cover, select location, no. Of employees is only for companies and not important for a single commissioner. It’s important to state weather you are a company or a commissioner in the Departments section.

And that’s it! Your commissioner profile is set! Learn how to commission your favourite artist and open a project ❤️

If you’re both, a commissioner and an artist you need to setup both profiles.

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