Anime Highway allows artists to open commission services and earn from them. However, not all Commission services are approved. We only approve commissions that are high quality. This post will tell you how to get approved, who gets approved and how to open your commissions.

Who can open commissions on Anime highway?

We only approve artists with a decent following on any social network. Who have previous experience working with commissions and have a portfolio on Ko-fi, patreon, deviant art or Artstation. We just require a proper portfolio of your work.

If you’re a new artist and haven’t been commissioned before, then it’s OK. But you must have some sort of portfolio of your work, either on Deviant art, Art station, etc. Because we will see your portfolio before approving your open commissions.

Because our clients are looking for professional anime artists, we need to make sure that our artists can provide the utmost quality of art. That’s why we manually check every artist who joins us.

How to get your commissions services approved

As stated above, make sure to connect your portfolio and social media profiles to your Anime Highway Profile. We always check them before approval.

How to open your commission services

Open anime headshot commission on Anime Highway
Open commission

First, switch to selling mode from the desktop site. Either use your touchscreen phone or a laptop. Then click on “Services” tab. In seller mode you will see the option “Create a service” – this option us not available in buyer mode.

Create a service option

Scroll down to see options for opening your commision. Let me summarise the settings for you:

Service Title: Write a catchy title of your commision

Category: Set the right Category for your commision. Ex: if your commission is related to Vtuber models, select the “Vtuber model” category and if your commission is about self-inserts, pick “Self-inserts” category. Do not miss place categories, this directly effects your rank in each category.

English level: select how good you are at talking in English. This is for the ease of the Commissioner.

Locations: Select your country

Description: Describe your commission for the commissioner. Tell them what you’ll do and you’ll not do. Write what you requirements you need to work on the commission. Such as references photos, color palette etc..

Featured Images: showcase your artwork here. All images must be in 6:9 to appear properly within the commission card.

Create a service/commision area

Packages: Anime Highway allows you to offer three different packages to your commissioners. You can set different commision rates and features for different packages. Example: Basic package can be drawing + base color for 10$, standard package and be drawing + base color + light and shadows for 25$ and Premium package can be fully finished premium artwork with ambient light, ambient occlusion and several effects for 50$.

Tip: Whenever pricing your commission’s always remember to add Anime Highway’s 20% service fee. If your commission is priced at 15$, add 20% into it, that’ll be 18$ – set that as your commission price. This way you can keep 100% of your commission. Read this if you want to know more about our service fees.

After setting your packages, you can set additional service (like adding extra character for extra 15$). You can also write FAQ to give more information about your commission.

Revise your commission details before clicking Create Service. Your commission will be manually reviewed before getting published. We are very strict about artwork quality and weeding out fraud. We always check your social media profiles before approving your commissions.

How to feature your open commission on the Homepage

If you haven’t noticed it yet, there is an option to get featured in the “Create a Service” section above “create Service” button. This is a paid feature. At 25$ your commission service will be prominently displayed on Anime Highway’s main homepage and in our blog posts for exactly 5 days! Getting featured like this is a surefire way to get more commissions quickly.

You must have money in the wallet to apply. Here’s how you can top-up your wallet and withdraw your earnings.

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