Haikyuu is an anime about volleyball. It has a strong following of fans, and some of the most notable players are Kei Tsukishima and Shouyou Hinata.

The series follows the journey of protagonist Shouyou Hinata as he joins his middle school’s volleyball club and strives to become like his childhood hero who inspired him to take up the sport. Hinata is initially discouraged by his lack of talent in comparison to other players but eventually grows into a formidable player in his own right thanks to hard work and perseverance. He also meets many new friends along the way with different skill levels that he can learn from. 

I should also mention that all those new friends of Hinata are very much boyfriend material and so this “special” quiz was born. In this quiz you will have to create your own bowl of fruit salad and then decide who you want to share it with. Just add your favourite fruits and berries and you will find out your Haikyuu boyfriend!
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