FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will answers to common questions. If this page does not answer any of your questions then please contact us using this form. We are here to help.

Information for commissioners

How do I contact an Artist?

It is against our terms & conditions to contact or commission the artist outside of our platform. If the commissioner or artist is caught doing so, they will be instantly banned from our platform and all their previous earnings will be nullified. 
This rule is to sustain the growth of our platform and our artists. This rule also protects our artists and commissioners from copyright law issues and fraud. 
Anime Highway has a built-in messaging system which you can access through the Messages tab in the dashboard. 
To message your favorite artist visit their profile > click Message button located next to Follow button > a window will open up > type your message and click Send. (You can Follow the artist as well) 


Your inbox is located at the top, next to your profile thumbnail. If you have new notifications or messages you will see a dot next to the envelope ✉️ icon and the bell 🔔 icon. 
Tap on the messages icon to open the chat room where you can talk one-on-one with the artist. The chat room unlocks only after you send or receive your first message.

I want to log a complain

Visit your dashboard > click on Disputes > fill out the form with your complain > click Open Dispute > our support team will respond to you as soon as possible. This method applies to sellers as well.

What payment methods are accepted?

Currently We accept Paypal, debit cards and credit cards.

How to add a commission to my wishlist?

Open Commissions, Projects and Services can be added to your wishlist by clicking the Heart ❤️ button that appears on the right side of the Commission.

You can also wishlist a commission from the Commission's details page. The button is located under the Order button 

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, occasionally we give rewards, gift cards and discounts as a way of showing gratitude. We usually give them secretly to our loyal members through email. Join us to get yours. 


Can I get a refund?


No, sorry. Refund is against our terms & conditions. Due to the nature of this marketplace we cannot provide refunds. When you commission an artist, they complete the work and deliver it. After delivery you cannot ask for a refund saying you don't like it.
That is against our rules. Since the artwork will be a digital file, which is duplicatable and the artist will have worked hard for you. 
If we provide refunds, it would be very rude and devastating for our artists. We are here to protect our artists from such exploits and you should support this endeavour as a part of our family.
So we ask you to be 100% sure before commissioning an artist. Have a good chat with them through our built-in messaging system.

How to top up my wallet?

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Information for artists

Can I feature & Advertise my open commission

Yes, you can feature and advertise your open commissions on our main homepage at the fees of 25$ for 5 days of advertising. This will help you get more orders and commissions.

read this post to see how to get featured on Anime Highway.

How do I get the verification badge?

You need to meet the eligibility requirements before applying for the verification badge.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Earn 500$ on Anime Highway 
• You must have more then 1k followers on any one of your social network 
If you meet these requirements, then please follow the instructions below:
Go to your dashboard > click Verification > submit your personal information > you will get an email asking for social media proof and proof of earnings. Share your screenshots by replying to the email > wait for 2 to 4 days to get approved.
Upon approval, you will receive the verification badge and your personal data will be deleted from our database.
WE DO NOT GIVE AWAY YOUR PERSONAL DATA, NEITHER DO WE KEEP IT. It is only for the verification process and to avoid spam and misuse of our service and marketplace.

How to withdraw my earnings?

From your dashboard click Payouts. In this place you can setup your withdrawal method, check your balance and request a withdrawal amount. 

The minimum withdrawal amount is 20$


Select PayPal and save your PayPal email address. It's your responsibility to put the right email address. If you use the wrong email address your money will be lost. So please be careful and check your PayPal email address twice before saving. 

Choose your amount and click withdrawal request. Our team will porcess your request and send your money to your PayPal.



How to I Open a commission?

If you don't have a PayPal account, then please make one here. It's free and it's the only way we can pay you.
Opening a commission is only available through desktop browser. Either use a laptop or switch to desktop site from your smartphone or ipad. 
Read this important tutorial on how to successfully open a commission on Anime Highway.

How to setup my profile & portfolio?

Read this full tutorial on how to setup your professional portfolio and profile.

General Information

How can I create a Project?

From your dashboard, click on Project > create a project > fill out the details > click Create Project. 
The project will go live after the reviewing process. Visit this page to see how exactly projects work for an artist and a commissioner.

How long is the review process?

Since our review process is handled by real humans, it can take upto 2 to 4 days. This applies to both Projects and commission gigs.


How to register?

To register click on the horizontal lines at top right to open the side menu > click dashboard > a register form will open > fill out the form and submit

You will get instant access to your new dashboard. 


An important verification email will be send to your inbox. Please visit your inbox and read the email.

Business & Advertising Information

Does Anime Highway accept guest posts?

Yes, Anime Highway accepts guest posts. But we have some guest posting rules that you must adhere to. Please read the guest posts page for more info.

Can Advertise & Partner with Anime Highway?

Yes, you can partner with us and advertise on Anime Highway. However we have some guidelines that you must follow. Please refer to the business & advertisements page for further details.

Do you give Shououts on AH`s social networks?

Yes, we do give shoutouts. For more details please refer to the shout outs page.

Information for Affiliates

Does Anime Highway have an affiliate program?

No, currently we don’t have any affiliate program. But We are going to open one soon. We are also accepting affiliate signups. If you are interested you can signup as an affiliate here and we will inform you when our affiliate program goes live. 

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