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Every single Obey Me player WANTS those gorgeous, powerful and high ranking UR and UR+ cards. However, Many players think that it us neccessary to purchase the subscription to get extra Demon Vouchers through which they can summon more cards at the Nightmares and hopefully get a UR or UR+ card. FTP players always complain that the devs are being harsh to them but that’s really not the case.

How to get UR cards in Obey Me

If you want to know how to UR and UR+ cards in Obey easily without spending a penny, then read this article.

In this article you will learn how to get UR and UR+ cards by calculating a card’s probability rate and how to get UR cards using Grims. This method can be applied to any gacha game that shows odds of their cards.

How to get UR and UR+ cards in Obey Me

First you need to know the card’s probability or odds rate. Most gacha games display these numbers in the menu somewhere. To view the UR plus card’s rate in Obey Me, visit the nightmare where the UR cards are and tap the little button with “Rewards” Written on it. It is located in the left corner of the screen. A window will pop up and the “Odds” button is in the left corner.
How to get UR+ cards in Obey Me
How to get Lucifer UR + card Obey me
Generally, the probability rates for UR and UR+ cards in most nightmares is 0.05% – 1.05% or sometimes 2.00% – 3.00%. In Nightmare Chapter A, most UR cards are 0.25%, as seen below.
How to get mammon UR + card Obey me
Take the odds of a high ranking card and calculate how many pulls increases its probability to 90% or 95%. We will take the above rates and calculate with this chance calculator. How many pulls are required to increase 0.25% to 90%? The answer is 920 single card pulls.
Gacha card chance calculator
One pull is one time. Most of us do the 10× pulls. So divide 920 by 10 and the answer is 92 times. Which means you have to do the 10 pulls 92 times.
For example, lets say you want this gorgeous Lucifer moving UR card. Its odds are 1.50%. You will need to calculate how many pulls are required to get that card. Use this calculator to do the math.
How to get moving card in obey me
It says 126 pulls. Which means you will need to summon that many times to reach 85% of chance. If you are pulling 10 times at once then (divide 126 by 10, it equals to 12.6 – lets say 12 times)
Gacha calculator
Gacha calculating
Now that you know the numbers, jump to the next step.

How to get UR and UR+ cards using Grims in Obey Me

How to get UR cards using Grims in Obey Me
In the previous step we found out the probability of a UR card. It said that 126 number of pulls are needed to increase the odds rate of that UR card.
The point is, you have to do the aforementioned pulls with Grims in chapter G, this increases the chance of you getting the UR+ in the other chapter. After you do the 126 pulls with grims in chapter G, pull extra 3 or 4 times with Demon Vouchers in the nightmare where the card is located (10X pulls, not the single once). Which means, only 30 or 40 Demon Vouchers are required to get the UR+ card.
You don’t have to do ALL pulls in the nightmare that has the card while spending only Demon Vouchers. You can do the first 126 number of pulls in the “G” nightmare using in-game Grims. It still counts and the probability increases. Last 3 or 4 pulls must be done in the nightmare that has the card you want using Demon Vouchers. And you are guaranteed to get a UR or UR+ in the first 3 or 4 summons. No need to use hundreds of demon vouchers or spend real money on said Demon Vouchers.
And once you get the UR cards the cycle restarts and you will not get anymore UR cards unless you passed 150 or 180 pulls.
So in average, you are guaranteed to get a Ultra rare card after every 150-180 single pulls. Free pulls also count.

How to get Moving cards in Obey Me

Use the method in this article to get Moving cards as well. This works on all high ranking cards in OM, including SSR cards and Moving cards.


Note that this method does not guarantee WHICH UR or UR+ plus card you will get. If there are two UR cards in a nightmare, one is Mammon and the other is Asmodeus you will get either one of them without choosing.
Sometimes you will get more then one UR card. Like, during the Happy Devil day event (HDD) I managed to get three UR and two UR+ cards in Obey Me.
How to get UR cards in Obey me
I hope you will use this method and save yourself from the grief. I mean, Obey Me fans literally cry and get depressed over those cards and I think its not OK. So, I wanted to help out. Everyone deserves a wonderful UR+…
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